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Product #: 16M140S


Makes Door Closing Easy / For People With Mobility Challenges

Helps you easily reach for the handle to close a door / Ergonomic, durable and easy to install / Made in Canada

The T-Pull Door Closer is a great device for people in wheelchairs as well as anyone using crutches. With the Door Closer, closing doors becomes a simple task. Made of sturdy black ABS plastic to hold up well in cold, heat, humidity and more. Easy to install - just peel off the back and adhere to the door - or use the two screws provided for added strength. Measures 7.75 inches (19.7 cm) in overall length. Tucks away when not in use. Made in Canada.

Do not use as a support handle for transfer or stability. Not tested on glass or fire doors.

Directions for installation

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