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Product #: 16T086-4


This item is helpful for those who tend to spill or drool. Discreetly protects the wearer against soiled clothes or getting wet and cold. A black and white dinner bib made from a polyurethane laminate (a lightweight polyester knit fabric bonded to a waterproof thermoplastic urethane) - 73% polyester and 27% polyurethane which stretches and is breathable. Measures 26 in wide x 13 in long (66 x 33 cm).


WASH SEPARATELY BEFORE FIRST USE - This will ensure that the residual surface dye is removed (on coloured fabrics) so that these do not discolour other items

Machine wash warm or hot, using regular or HE laundry detergent only.

Dry low, do not iron, do not dry clean.

No bleach, vinegar or oxy-type products.

Important Note: This bib should not be dried on HIGH heat in a dryer to prevent the material from melting.

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