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Our Wide Array of Healthcare Products Continue to Provide Unique Benefits

Whether you suffer from arthritis, have had a hip replacement or are disabled... Whether you are looking after a loved one who is coming home from the hospital or tends to wander... Whether you are researching assistive products for your clients with various limitations...

Parsons ADL Inc. — through our growing Dealer Network of over 800 home healthcare professionals throughout Canada and the USA — offers you over 1100 innovative products to improve your daily lives. Because many of our products are designed, manufactured and assembled on-site at our facility north of Toronto, our delivery times are one of the best in the industry. Our skilled personnel and our exceptional customer support are our trademark. But most of all, we greatly value the relationships we have built with our customers and our suppliers over the last 40+ years of doing business in Canada.

We will continue to strive to provide useful solutions to those who need our products.

Distribution Channels

Parsons ADL Inc.'s long range plans are to expand its market share in the USA, Europe, Latin America and the Pacific Rim. Most of the large U.S. Home Health Care distributors purchase from Parsons ADL Inc. We have a growing network of approximately 800 dealers and distributors across Canada and the USA. Other countries to which Parsons ADL Inc. is exporting include: Sweden, New Zealand, United Kingdom, France, Chile, Japan, Brazil and Mexico.

Meet our team of healthcare product experts!

Our Team

Parsons ADL is supported by a team of professionals to ensure we are compliant with all regulations and follow strict financial and administrative processes.

Our management team also executes strategies to adapt our products and services to the unique needs of our customers in every corner of the globe.

In addition we ensure excellent customer service by providing a variety of support options to meet our customers demanding needs.

We are committed to give the best experience possible in both official languages.

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Parsons ADL Inc. is looking for dealers and distributors in the home health care market who are interested in partnering with a supplier of quality, innovative, competitively priced products.

Our End User Markets

Elderly, Rheumatism Sufferers, Paraplegics, Quadriplegics, Arthritis Sufferers, Parkinson's Sufferers, Alzheimer's Sufferers, Palliative Care Patients, Accident Victims, Post Operative Care Patients, Stroke Patients, Sports Therapy, Bariatrics.

Product Support

Parsons ADL Inc. provides a "1-800" phone, fax and e-mail access to our customer service team for inquiries from anywhere in Canada and the USA. Quality control programs, custom and private label manufacturing of products, as well as a knowledgeable customer service staff and our numerous local dealers combine to make Parsons ADL Inc. a leader in the home health care sphere Parsons ADL Inc. manufactures and distributes approximately 1100 products and has a 120 page colour catalogue which can be downloaded from our website or is available on request.

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